sammy davis jr.

Black and pro gun creates a stir now… imagine what it did back then:

Sammy Davis Jr. sure knew how to dress.  I’m not so sure about that low scoop looking vest, but I’m sure if I paid more attention all the hipsters are wearing them now.  His does look like the holsters are attached, so that definitely ups the cool factor.  The skinny tie is on point as well.

Jeff Cooper would have told Sammy not to point his gun at anything he didn’t want to destroy… Sammy obviously meant to destroy everything so we can forget the rest of the rules.  I sure hope they were able to film that all in one take, because it looks like a hell of a mess to clean up at the end.

sammy-davis-jrNotice how at 1:00 Sammy name dropped the “.45 caliber” round?  Yea he didn’t mess with 9mm fanboys.

I assumed in the heading that Sammy Davis Jr. was pro gun, but who knows… he was an actor so that enthusiasm all could have been faked.


Hat tip: Tim