This is amazing:

K… guys… 7 seconds in and we see the first bit of pure gold…. The guy is running a Sig Sauer SB15 “arm brace” on that AK ahhahah. #NeverShoulderNeverForget am I right?

0:18 – DJ PAUL!  Yesssss.  If you didn’t ride around listening to Three Six Mafia in the mid 90s you just weren’t as cool as you could have / should have been.

0:24 – Shoulder contact with the SB15?  Inconclusive, I’ll keep you posted though.

1:03 – Hmmmmm I’m 99% sure that made contact.  His lawyer will argue “Your honor, I assure you it just came in contact with my client Mr Deuce Uno’s t-shirt.  Mr Deuce Uno is an upstanding member of the community, a father of six, and a church going man… he would NEVER.  This is a man that lives by codes your honor.  Never Shoulder Never Forget is something he recites to himself daily when he leaves the house with the choppa.”

1:18 – Stitches is avoiding fully shouldering it too… these guys are either getting lucky or else know what they are doing and are trolling the gun community and me right now.

Stitches-Rapper2:02 – LOL DJ Paul rocking the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun.

Normally I’d talk shit about a Stitches track because he’s usually just cookie monster yelling over a weak beat… DJ Paul blessed this one though.  I bookmarked it to listen to again.

Thoughts?  Do you think they avoided the shouldering on purpose?  Maybe they #ReadENDOonce? haha

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