Wow… wow… *extremely Owen Wilson voice*:

$40 at LaRue Tactical.

Looks like the kind of thing I see Hipsters keep on their fixie bikes in Portland to carry bottles of wine šŸ˜­šŸ˜‚.Ā Ā “Patent Pending” on the too I see… šŸ˜Ā heh nice.

Thoughts?Ā  Is ARFCOM still all over LaRue like stink on a goat?Ā  Last I spent any sort of time on there, dudes were OBSESSED with Mark the owner.

Man he is getting cooked on facebook over this product haha.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Tru snipers kno.Ā  I hear this is the setup the guy used in Afghanistan to get the long range kill record.

Thoughts? You rushing to walmart to pick up the items needed to run this setup?

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Burris getting all showy on us now with their new “premium” hunting scope with a front focal plane:

0:00 – 0:17 – Blah blah blah, facts about the scope.

0:18 – Eyes closed after the trigger pull, DIRECT HIT ON THE COUGAR.

0:19 – Buddy sees the hit through the binocs and thinks to himself *Monica*.

Sunni-Gunman-Tripoli-Lebanon-Scope0:20 – 0:23 – We see the lifeless body of said cougar slide gracefully down the mountain. Ā I really hope this was shot live, and not after multiple takes. Ā Can you imagine being the guy in charge of throwing the dead cougar down the mountain? Kyle:Ā “Larry, alright I hate to tell you this but we had the lens cap still on duringĀ that last take so we’re going to need you to hike back up to the top and throw that cougar when we give you the signal mmmmk?” Ā Larry: *smfh*

If you want to read more about these scopes, head over to Burris natch.


The equivalent of *grinds his feet on his buddies couch*:

080516-sniper2haha ok that was kind of funny. Ā The dark part of my sense of humor though was like, “I hope it gets even more hilarious and he quickly butt-strokes that jokerĀ and breaks hisĀ nose”.

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Text your mom while you’re double tapping tangos; tell her you might be late for supper:


June pre-order for $70 over at Inteliscopes.

Meh I’m not a fan, I’m sure they will sell like hotcakes though.Ā  Even if I owned an iPhone you wouldn’t find me throwing one of these on my AR-15. Ā I don’t need something 4.5″ / 4.87″ wide (iPhone 4s/5) with a plastic hood increasing my drag when I operate in operations. Ā Not as wide obviously if you put in it portrait mode, but then you might as well strap a water ski to the top of your AR-15 because you just added lots of height. Ā If you’re not about drag reduction then what are you about cousin?

Cowwadoody nerds are going to love the video recordingĀ capabilities. Ā So many hunting head shots going up on vine and youtube… I can see it now.

Nothing like trading in the few thousand dollar Nightforce for a screen with digital zoom. Ā There are some more pictures and video up on the Intelliscope Facebook page, but no real life close look at it that I could see… just a lot of renders and tv quality video from a distance.

InteliscopeI can’t wait until some newb throws this on a .50, puts his face real close and the metaphorical hand of Steve Jobs slaps the shooter across the face forĀ embarrassingĀ shooters and iPhone users simultaneously.

At the end of the day, all the power to this company for making a product for one of the most popular smartphones which people are bound to get at least the $70 sticker price worth of enjoyment out of.

Considering the camera is off far to the one side, I wonder how you properly zero?

If I ever do get an opportunity to try this thing out, you better believe I’m going to be streaming some Chief Keef, dumping mags until the barrel droops like a wet noodle.


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Scope zeroed for minute of moon:


Deadly. Ā I wonder if he heads up a Sunni equivalent of Vigilant Spectre?

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