Sellier Bellot

Back on Youtube full time flexin:

YOOOO what the.. at the end of the 2nd video the Sellier & Bellot ad has the full cartridges flying around and some appear to be “firing” and breaking the sound barrier.  Sure it’s kind of an artsy video, so it’s probably just supposed to be cool looking and not actually representative of what happens when you fire a round.  S&B knows this right? *nervous laughter* RIGHT? 😂

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Larry Vickers (AKA Larry Vuitton, AKA the gun game Benjamin Button, AKA your favorite operator’s favorite operator) + a factory tour?  PUT IT STRAIGHT INTO MY DAMN VEINS:

Yesssss.  Larry is such a gem.  I’m a hugger, I’d definitely hug Larry if I was at SHOT and saw him, and just say thank you.

I’ve never been to the Czech Republic, but after seeing the little clips they put of the town that the factory resides in (Vlašim), I think I should slide they my resume to see if they need a shitposter for a company blog.  For the right price, the right amount of ammo, and a sick Czech Republic oldschool loft space I might just consider handing them the keys to ENDO and just living life over there.  What’s the fresh produce like in Vlašim?  Do they have a Whole Foods equivalent?  Fiber internet?  My biggest hesitation would be living that far into the middle of Europe since I’m an Oceanfront and mountains guy.  Gotta charge enough for the content that I can keep a private jet gassed up at Vlašim airport for trips back to the west coast.    Oh well, with the amount S&B would pay me for the content I’d be so “new money” careless with it I’d keep a private jet at Vlašim airport and fly directly back to my equally sick West coast loft whenever I wanted.