Not a bad commercial for the most part I suppose:

S&W does a nice job with the POVs.  Disappointing that 2/3 actors are blatantly shown packing up empty guns… I don’t see the point.

Wait for it….. wait for it….

0:27 – “Confidence?  We perfected that years ago.” (Glock Source)

My reaction:


Are you messing with the subcompact Glocks? Or is the Shield your official shit because Glock slept on the Single stack sub-compact market for so long?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Using yoga pants to sell a firearm:

S&W-M&POk so what I got from that it’s good for wear with yoga pants and dad wear.  Good looking out S&W for actually listening to customers!

Initially I thought the commercial was headed in the direction of the sexualized Glock 42 commerical I blogged about a while back.



If you want to see the most useless company promotional video on the planet:

$260 for the Level IIIA armor disguised as a desk pad.  Basically all anyone cared to see was the damage the the armor in that video, and they didn’t bother showing it. *facepalm* Yeager got sent a shield which he’s going to review, so we’ll see… normally his reviews are pretty good.

I don’t know… I’m sure this has it’s uses, but first of all it won’t stop rifle rounds so that makes it partially useless.  Secondly, at least half your body will be exposed to gunfire so you’d still have a really good chance of being shot.  Bullets travel faster than your shitty reflexes… another downside.

haha Look at this “in use” picture from the website:


Not sure why he has his hand up and out like that.  Theres a picture of a lady doing the same thing on the site… then more unimpressive pictures of them holding the shield in portrait and landscape mode. *yawn*

leonidas-fabulousThis is basically the exact same thing as the derpy Minnesota shot blocker I posted about last year.

They need to release a spartan helmet disguised as a vase you can inconspicuously put on your desk. LOL



Teaser video for something S&W is releasing April 12:

I’m not holding my breath for a Shielded Weapon System, but it would be nice. :P

My guess is it will be some sort of neva been done befo’ pocket pistol.

What do you think it will be?


Not only are all the backpacks hideous, but this also makes no sense:

I think you’d be better off telling your kid to put the backpack on and run for their life. Putting the backpack against your brain and letting it absorb possible fire just doesn’t make sense.

The Backpack Shield website – HERE

Hat tip: Jeff


From user ObsoleteMan:

It started with some inspiration from the video game “Army Of Two”.
The main characters use weapons equipped with shields.
I thought these gun-shields were an innovative, if not entirely practical, idea.

The functional components: A railed AR, Havoc 37mm Flare Launcher, Beta C-Mag

Extra components: Molded plastic grip with horizontal & vertical gripping points.

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