My dude NOIR on the topic:

Truth as always.  Man the production quality in his videos now is off the charts good.  The myth of “silencers are only for assassins” is so ridiculous.

Hopefully that Hearing Protection Act passes.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Funny how people still bitch and moan about the $200 tax stamp, even though they likely spend more than that on eating out, drinking, and cigarettes etc.. combined in a week or less.  Not to give the government / ATF any ideas, but if they really wanted to make it prohibitive they would turn that $200 into $20000… making it again the price of a small car.  Then people would have reason to complain.  OH SHIT I’VE SAID TOO MUCH. haha

First she was like (1:26)… then she was like (1:28) – HOLY HYPEREXTENDED COSTA GRIP Batman.

2:02 – “Sig’s commitment to silencers and everyone should have access to them.  You’re going to see us over time not just focus on the product itself, but to also advance legislation” – Nice!  Good.

Sig-Sauer-SilencersAll in all a good video… some nice visuals and good information.  Monica’s at Sig always put out quality videos and this is no exception.  Dat MCX though right? Mmmmmm.



There will be a test at the end of this:

Question #1: Silencers work much like the ______

A) Trombone in an orchestra
B) Muffler on a car
C) Fish on a bicycle
D) Stink on a goat

I like when companies put effort into their videos like this.  I wonder if SilencerCo hired a professional voiceover guy for these promos, or if someone that works in the office has that buttery smooth easy to understand voice.


I like the brick wall in that gun store a lot!    Very classy.  I wish the mounts were a bit classier, but oh well.

FPS-RussiaGood info, probably some stuff people didn’t already know.  I like when guys (like them) make suppressors, and other NFA items seem very accessible… because they are.

hahha OH that ammo!


The suppressor stuff starts at 12:55 in the first video:

The suppressors they are using are manufactured by Silencerco.

The Osprey model they make looks killer. I love that unconventional shape.