haha the segment is called the “Problem Solvers”

As a self proclaimed cool teen, these segments always come across as so “boomer” to me.

What’s the most shocking to me, is that kids (and people in general) talk about and post criminal activity on SOCIAL media.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Basically a ripoff of urban dictionary:


Move along… nothing to see here, or pay 99 cents for.

I’m surprised Police Magazine would sign off on something as shitty looking as this.  My guess is the app company that made it for them sold them the dream, and they believed it.  “OMG GUISE WITH YOUR TRAFFIC YOU’LL EASILY MAKE 100K A WEEK OFF THIS APP” haha I’ve heard it all before.

I do like how “Ass Hat” and “Turd Cutter” are in the screenshot though hahaha



The condescending gun store owners are back at it:

I can definitely see how working in a gun store you’d “hear it all”.

If I owned a gun store I’d probably have a permanent hand palm mark on my face.

You can tell these guys have a lot of fun venting (bitching) on these videos. Even though they complain on youtube, they do mention at the end of these “gripe” videos how much they appreciate business, and they are happy to answer any questions people have. My guess is they are now actually condescending to people that come into the shop, which is no doubt much better for business.