Whoa innovative as heck:

This is amazing, habitual presscheckers rejoice.  I can’t believer no one has ever done this befo.  I wonder if they will ever do some sort of frame cut to easily allow downward pressure to control the savage beast that is muzzle rise?

Thoughts?  You like the OG smooth frame because it reduces drag tho?


Yes… Doody was not a typo.  Here, check this and you’ll see what I’m saying:

That’s Jethro International brining the heat haha.  I’m sure the Israelis will love it.  Everyone else who isn’t scared to carry one on the chamber can stick with a holster which doesn’t have all sorts of moving parts and things to go inside the trigger guard etc… *smh*

I blogged about a very similar product way back in 2012, which has another hilarious video to go along with it if you want to check it out.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: JT


This is hands down the greatest video I’ve seen in a while:

LOL I love it.  An airsoft Glock 18 obviously, but still hilarious.  Man, Asian guys always come up with the funniest shit.  It’s like they operate on a whole other level when it comes to quirky repurposing of items, and interesting / niche skills.

Please no one ever try that with a real Glock.

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushThoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Kyle


Mattv2099 risks amputation and likely even death for our entertainment:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI was half expecting his entire thumb to rotate back 90 degrees, break off and then fly through his chest.  Just kidding… but we all know the 10mm stories.

Anyway, moral of the story is even if your slide can’t reciprocate you’ll still be able to get a shot off.


The picture is a joke in reference to the How To Get Shot In The Crotch – The Pistol Disarm post.


Yea.. this doesn’t look good:

Part I:

Part II:

There’s a discussion in the thread – HERE

The latest update is that he sent the gun back to Glock to examine.