Modules… app.. bluetooth… gps.. the cloud… smart stock… Just another day on the gun internet fellas:

They say this is a “must have for anyone that loves to shoot” 🤔.  I don’t really know any casual shooters that would are about all that data, and then take the time to use it to become a better shooter.

$499 over at the ReactorUSA website but you’ll need a smart stock on top of that.  So far the only Smart Stock they have listed is this Grayboe neo stock that has gimmicky Matrix promo and no price.

Thoughts? . If I’m investing in a “smart” system for kicks, you better believe it’s going to be one that takes human error out of shooting.



This video is total fail

At the very start it shows 2 kids playing with a gun.  I know the point they are trying to get across, but really?

At 51 seconds the gun clicks, indicating that it actually would have fired a round when the guy not wearing the watch pulled the trigger.

Armatix must have caught on, because on their website the video now has that failed demo conveniently edited out.

You can read more about the Armatix gun on my other post – HERE