straight outta Israel:

Some people who just got into guns will be like “WHOA CRAZY” when the see pictures of this thing, but being a seasoned student of the gun internet since Al Gore invented it I can tell you that this is not surprising at all.  I actually am surprised that they didn’t come out with a flashy video to accompany the release of the gun… you know like showing how you can carry it unloaded then awkwardly pull it out and load it when you want to shoot (Israeli style).  Yoooo and horse stance 😭😂 I just remembered this wild post demoing that, where I called the dude Kosher Costa.  Good times good times.

I don’t see this SPIKE for sale on the Bul Armory website, but they do have a massive picture in the top slider calling it a special edition.  I can’t imagine and practical use for a 1911 with spikes…. well maybe one… if it jams in a CQB situation you can just stab someone with it 🤷‍♂️


Gat tip: mtfjeff


Haha this:

What you’re looking at is a $33 spike designed to stick your AR-15 into a tree. Ya so say you’re hunting and you’re like “this spot looks good for killing things”… You look for the nearest tree and you grab your AR by the stock (I’m guessing), and you swing it like a bat to embed the side of it in the tree. Sure you might have knocked a few MOA off your rifle by doing that, but you’ll make up for it with the stability this gadget more than likely provides. Oh and as an added bonus if you forget those shitty blade covers you’ll get a nice messy cut in your back of your crotch when you’re carrying this thing through the bush.  At least if it cuts you in just the right place, you probably won’t be able to reproduce.

Thoughts? Would gain stability from and shoot with?


The guys head to a storage unit auction in Corona, CA. Ton & Allen uncover a 1940s arcade game, a 1901 Winchester shotgun and an antique crossbow that they test at the range

These guys sure find some awesome stuff.



I’ve seen a few of these “Surviving Disaster” shows on SPIKE, and they are pretty well done.

This one is AMAZING!.. Hats off to SPIKE for keeping it real and not only showing guns but also encouraging the use of them to fight back.

Splitting up the bullet proof vest for two people… good idea!

When giving the team a rundown of how the AK works the host says “This WILL malfunction on you”  <— my first thought was OH NO HE DIDN’T!@#!@# :P

Constructing an improvised silencer to take out a terrorist sniper with a head shot?  Sweet idea.. but does electrical taping a shirt around the muzzle really decrease the DB level that much? I doubt it.  Plus, a head shot at 100+ yards by an amateur using an AK-47 with open sights doesn’t really scream success in my mind.

Full episode on SPIKE – HERE