Spikes Tactical

And the piehitters lose their minds:

That’s actually really cool.  The mag dump part of it anyways… the fluorescent shirt, gut, and combover flying around in the current isn’t.

I see they made a cutout in the buffer tube for the water to escape when the buffer weight reciprocates.  Cool.  Dudes definitely going to be firing those emails in like “CAn I HaV ThAt Cut oN The RIfel I OrDerrd Mr. SpiKe?  LonG LivE TeH RePuBliC”.  Better to have it and not need it, then need it and not have it amirite fellas? 😭

For a Spikes Tactical promo, this actually didn’t contain any overt cringe which is surprising.  I would have figured they would have at least built this sYstEm on one of their cringey-ass Spartan or snowflake lowers just to really get the “HEL Ya BrUThER” type guys all fired up in the comments and heavy jamming those LIKE and SHARE buttons.


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