stand and fight

The NRA with a new video from their Stand And Fight campaign:

Powerful use of music and text after effects.  I really like the message in this one even though from what I’ve seen the true meaning of the “Stand And Fight” has been vague so far.  Are we talking political fighting, or Buck Yeager style fighting?  Maybe they want to keep it vague on purpose?

NRA-We-Are-AmericaYou can check out the rest of the videos over at the Stand And Fight website.

Thoughts?  Do you like the direction they are taking these videos?


The Parody:

I don’t agree with “gun free zones”, and the lives of the president’s kids definitely are not any more important than the lives of anyone else’s kids.  You can’t argue though, that the president and his entire family is definitely at more risk than the average family simply because of how high profile they are.  It’s sad that in this day and age armed guards at schools (and elsewhere) actually sound like a good idea to me.  I wish that it wasn’t necessary, but as long as there are scumbags out there that want to get famous, everyone is at risk.

When I watched the original video I didn’t get why that part about the taxes was included either… so it was funny they bashed that in the parody, even though the parody had a general anti-gun feel.


Hat tip: Greg