stephen barton

Aurora, CO shooting survivor Stephen Barton victim meekly demands a plan:

I don’t know much about MAIG (Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns), but their purpose statement sounds legit:

Mayors Against Illegal Guns is a bipartisan coalition of more than 700 mayors focused on protecting their communities by keeping guns out of dangerous hands.

I see Boston mayor Menino and NY mayor Bloomberg are the heads of MAIG though, so it becomes obvious that purpose statement¬†conveniently¬†leaves out the¬†sneaky “disarm everyone” twist.

Here’s my proposed 3 step plan in case anyone cares:

  • Create an expedited death penalty in all 50 states to dispose of people convicted of violent crimes
  • Take the restrictions off carry permits (open and concealed)
  • Allow people with carry permits to carry firearms anywhere and everywhere, with a few common sense restrictions which i’ll have to give some more thought to.


Hat tip: Kenny


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