stop motion

Plastic army men in a historical battle:

Green army squad took up a position and dug in on little desktop. As they waited for dust off of a fallen soldier, they were attacked by an entire brigade of tan army encamped by the printer. With little ammunition and heavily outnumbered, the green army fought valiantly until they could be rescued by air support.  This video is dedicated to the men who died defending little desktop.

Much lower production value than some of the other stop motion videos I’ve posted on here, but still entertaining.

Hat tip: Julian


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A short stop-motion lego parody of the Bourne Legacy:

Every time I post one of these, I pretty much comment the same thing about how I can’t believe how long stop motion videos must take to make.

If nothing else, this video reminded me that I need to see Bourne Legacy.

Make sure to watch Lego Shootout for another one of Keshen8‘s better gun related lego stop-motion videos.


Yet another stop motion to blow my mind:

Good use of the Mobb Deep – Shook Ones instrumental.  Filmed on a Canon 60D too!  That’s what I have.

“Just keepin it Delta” <– if they are seals wouldn’t it be DEVGRU?


Hat tip: Daniel


The video was a good reminder to me that I still need to see The Raid.  If you forgot how awesome the trailer looked, make sure to check it out.

I don’t think I can even comprehend how much work stop motion animation is.  I’m amazed that people can manage to do such an epic job.

If you’re slightly bored at the start of the video.. just wait until around the 1 minute mark.



They have ample opportunity to take out the shooter:

But instead they just stare in disbelief.  Stop motion photography blows my mind… it looks so time consuming.


This is awesome:

Trust the retard with the deagle to ruin it for everyone.

Stop-motion sure looks like a lot of work.