Story time with Richard Tip:

haha one video from this guy, and that’s what we get.  He’s a natural.  The chin beard is next level… like no hair on the top and no neckbeard, just chin tip.

Gander-Mountain-Logo“Stop hiring people that act like dickheads just to make sales” <– Truth.


Hat tip: no uno, Jon Chaos


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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I can’t get on board with tactical arm tape, and derp ninja turtle HIV backpacks… but the guy can tell a story:

Christ-Costa-Travis-Haley-Drake-Clark-Magpul-Dynamics-Bust-EmHBO special coming soon?

Hell, after seeing a few videos like this I’d probably feel I got my money’s worth in a class just off the comedy alone.


Hat tip: Van


Apocalypse Moby is a literary “gene-splice” between two great stories: Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now and Herman Melville’s Moby Dick. The stories are similar: men onboard a ship who must travel across treacherous waters in search of a legend they must confront, who, along their way, have adventures, contemplate the nature of the world and bear witness to its darkness. While faithful to both Melville and Coppola’s respective masterpieces, Apocalypse Moby transfroms them into something wonderfully strange, hallucinatory, funny and new altogether.

Grab the free PDF on the author’s website – HERE

Sounds pretty awesome. I’ll be saving that PDF for a slow blog day.


The Kid From A Christmas story… seriously, how could you not find him creepy?  He looks like a serial killer.

Here is a picture of him opening up his Red Ryder BB gun:

In the uncut version he gets an AR-15:

With an ACOG, and a quadrail too! wow… :P

Another shot of Ralphie with a different AR-15: