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Oh man, that’s so cringy.¬† I really don’t know what’s worse… this, or letting the piehitters continue to put Punisher backplates on their Glocks ūü§Ē I’ll have to run the numbers through ENDO Ai and get back to you fellas.¬† I never found it very hard to get the Glock backplate off in the first place, so I really don’t think this plastic version is needed.¬† Call me crazy for thinking it SHOULD be a little difficult to get that plate off, considering the entire function of the gun depends on that plate NOT coming off.¬† Dudes love to fiddle with stuff though.¬† Imagine how bad you’ll get flexed on when you’re about to deep clean your Glock next to someone and he just presses down the button and he’s in.¬† You’d hate to see it.

If you like this, then by all means go nuts and spend the $7.95 over at the Strike Industries website.

Thoughts?  You holding out for the skeletonized carbon fiber version, because 0.05 oz is still too much for you?

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Here’s what they look like when they are stuck on:

$7.95 for all 7 sets of designs over at StRiKe InDuStRiEs ūüė¨.

Thoughts? I’m sure we’re still headed towards the bottom at warp speed.


The piehitters though be like “EnDo I nEeD a GucCi FLaT TrIggUr To ShOw My SuPerIorItY aNd ShOoT GrOoPs Mo BeTTer”.¬† Look no further chief:

I know people have made the comparison between this sub-industry of 3rd party Glock “upgrades” to car modifications.¬† I guess that helps me stomach it a bit more, but I still don’t really like it because I’ve always thought of guns as tools.¬† I feel kind of old saying this, but that’s my feeling about cars right now too.¬† I’m VERY much over them.¬† I would much rather just be driven everywhere (Uber), giving me a chance to look out the window and enjoy the surroundings if I want to rather than be stressed about traffic and other idiots on the road.¬† To keep my ~5 star status, politely I tell the driver I’m going to throw on my noise cancelling headphones and “get some work done” (You know… shitpost on instagram, or to keep it real with you fellas likely find an exciting new tea to cop ūüė¨ūüėŹ) then boom I’m in my own world, head boppin, bumpin MO BAMBA¬†making moves online looking up at the mountains or architecture every now and then.¬† After it seems like no time at all has passed, I’m at the destination (likely WholeFoods, a coffee spot or another random chill location) relaxed as ever.

Anyways I know that was a little rant, but whatever back to the trigger.¬† If your Glock trigger for some reason is ruining your life because the edges are radius’d just slightly more than you’d like… or the stock black color is making you the laughing stock of your group of friends and local range, then I suppose spending $46 on the Strike Industries one might be the easiest fix ever.¬† Jokes aside, if any Glock mods make you feel good about yourself you gotta do them bro.¬† Life is short… buy the ice cream scoop¬†too while you’re at it.

I actually made a meme up today on instagram about Gucci Glocks, and the video reminded me of it:




All the operational pie hitters are putting comps on their guns now. ¬†It’s the newest in gucci accessories, and a lot of companies are jumping on the bandwagon. ¬†A lot of people take their comps VERY seriously too, which was shown by how much their butts were hurt¬†on instagram by this meme I posted last week. ¬†I don’t even know how we all managed to stay alive without having the mass proliferations of comps until now. ¬†If it’s going to save your life, make your life / shooting better, or you’ll feel like more of a pipe dog, then by all means you should head immediately over to Strike Industries and throw $80 at them.

Thoughts? ¬†What type of ice cream flavor would you christen this thing with? ¬†I’m going to have to go with something brownie &¬†cookie dough chunks mixed with a cheesecake icecream. ¬†That was always my go-to combo at Coldstone.


Strike Industries says this Jelly Fish is “almost a necessity”:



Considering Trijicon makes some of the toughest weapon sights in the world which even our military uses, I find it hard to wrap my head around an extraneous cover being “almost a necessity”. ¬† You can see the dot through it if you choose to shoot with the cover on, and it also has a lanyard hole for quick detachment, and finger grip if you want to rip it off quickly.

Lets not get it twisted though, this cover is basically just to protect the lens of the sight if your operating in really inclement operational environments where you might otherwise need to wipe the sight off before use. ¬†According to the FAQ link on the Trijicon RMR page, the sight is completely¬†waterproof¬†to 66ft (20 m), so that basically throws concern out the window for anything except if you’re worried about getting scratches on this¬†$440-$600 sight. ¬†Do real operators worry about scratches? ¬†No, they wear those as a badge of honor on their operating equipment. ¬†If you’re worried about scratches effecting the resale value of a sight you’re probably not¬†operator¬†enough to even own, then you probably should pick one up for $12.95 on the Strike Industries website. ¬†Look yourself in the mirror when you put it on though, and admit defeat. ¬†

Next up, a custom molded shoot through jelly full Glock cover?  A jelly Deagle brand Deagle cover?  I hope so.