*The sound of Anti-gun heads and safety sally heads exploding*:

Arthur-Firearms-MemeIs this 100% safe?  Is this unsafe?  My gut feeling says I would definitely have tried to avoid this when picking the spot for a shooting range.  As long as the guys there are using calibers that are actually meant for long range, I don’t see it being a problem though.  Hopefully the Swiss are as smart as I think they are… because you know if this range was anywhere across an interstate in the US, some idiot would fire off a few rounds from a can cannon (thinking he could hit the targets on the other side of the road), and in the process kill like 39 people in some sort of multi-car pile up.

2:40 – Cool shot mapper.  That’s some “hunt for Red October” shit right there.


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Seen in a Genève Switzerland Apple Store:


Haters gonna hate.

No telling how many people died that day.   His body language alone tells me that the next picture would likely have been of an apple store full of blood and screams.

Hat tip: Ryan H


Available from Swiss Post – HERE

It would probably be a cold day in hell if we ever got something similar in the U.S..  The off chance that that ever happens here, I’d send Paul Helmke from the Brady Campaign a friendly letter wishing him well in his futile efforts.


This video is entertaining, and the guy speaks the truth:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZS7Jdg24j4[/youtube]