Corridor did another one:

If you missed part one, it’s a couple years old but still relevant.  I follow the “trAiNinG coMmUniTy” on Instagram pretty closely, and I can tell you this is completely the direction things are going, with not even a morsel of irony involved.


Gat tip: Brains and Looks

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Carlos tells us the difference:

So Carlos is telling is it’s the look vs the actions you take.

1:02 – Dat roundhouse kick

Carlos has another video up where he shits on Instructor Zero’s derp scan method:

The most notable part comes at 3:47. I’m not sure if he’s serious though “Just roll and re-engage”… for real brAh? Damn that roll sucked the life out of him. I don’t even want to try it, I’d probably die. You can see the Zero derp scan method video here. #Hellbow

Carlos-Roman-Tactical-TacticoolThoughts? Would forward roll with?

Gat tip: no uno


Behold the “CZ 455 Varmint Tacticool”. Ugh… CZ, how bush league:


$522 USD over at CZ for something clearly called what it isn’t.

You just know the dad-age marketing guy’s 14 year old nephew put him on to the term “tacticool”.  He thought it was “hip” and would “jive” with the youth who shoot, so he ran with it.  Yea those are terms that I picture nerdy dads using.

Where is the quad rail? Shoulder thing that goes up? High capacity assault clip capability? Canted red dot mount?  Barometer? Wind meter? Vertical fore grip? Multiple laser beams? Glock mount? Bottle opener? GPS?

Whoa Whoa… hold up; last paragraph:

with a gentle butt hook to provide excellent control.

Gentle butt hook?      Pause.

Tactical As _ _ _ _ T-ShirtThoughts?  I know some of you guys just want to get that gentle butt hook.   You’ll have to turn to Craig’s List unfortunately, because CZ doesn’t offer that service separately.

Hat tip: Jerry


FXhummel1 kills it on the 88 keys once again:

Priceless as usual.  Jordan, if you could go to SHOT in Las Vegas next week and play these songs outside the convention center you would clean up!

I’ve got another idea for you… dress up in a Tuxedo and head down to Nordstrom and get someone to film you playing a song on their grand piano.  That would be so cash.