Talking Lead

It’s a celebration, bitches!

Talking-Lead-Zeke-ENDOGood stuff, these guys are always funny, and don’t take themselves too seriously.  A lot of good YouTuber’s make an appearance haha.  That must have been quite the cross-country trek they pulled off!

ENDO Apparel makes an appearance in the video too.

Congrats guys, I can’t wait to see the 200th vid celebration!

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The Talking Lead boys are at it again:

Remember the sweet 1911 factory tour I posted last week?  Well these same guys talk to Lisa Looper from Flashbang about her holster.

1:49 – LOL “You Vanna White’d it”

I’m still not sold on the idea Flashbang holster, but I also don’t have boobs so my opinion doesn’t matter.  I’m happy for Lisa because she seems like a really nice woman, who  is involved in the gun community.  Her other holsters demonstrated in the video looks more my speed.  Good that they are tailored specifically to women.

Talking-Lead-Zeke-ENDOBecause criticizing websites is a hobby of mine, I have to say Flashbang Holsters ( WTF?) has one of the worst websites ever.   I’m sure she’s made millions off the holster… Lisa if you’re reading this, for the love of god hire a web developer and have them make a website which will better reflect your brand and your customers.  You’re going to be surprised at the price a good place will charge, but trust me it will be worth it.

Zeke is in the classic M16 Selector Switch shirt from ENDO Apparel.



Talking Lead goes to Maximus Arms to check out the process of making a 1911 from scratch, and to have some fun:

I like Talking Lead because they don’t take themselves too seriously.

3:20 – MMMMM lost wax casting

5:38 – For a company I’ve never heard of, they sure look like they are doing well in the 1911 game.  I find this surprising because I don’t know anyone with a non major brandname 1911.

Colt-M191119:57 – This guy better never show up to work hungover or tired.  That day would be his last.

I really had no idea there was such much dirty hands on labor involved in making 1911s.



Poor guns getting picked on by those mean mean boys:

Iraqveteran8888 x Talking Lead … some of my favorite internet gun guys right there.  Talking Lead is a great podcast you should make sure to check out, the guys are naturals (The episodes are also up on iTunes).

1:30 – *PLAGH* dog slobber all over it!

Troll-FaceAfter seeing the video I’m not entirely sure guns aren’t actually evil.  I just believe the Glock and the AR-15 are just such a well mannered guns, they probably just knew better than to flip out and kill everyone in the room.  Those particular firearms have a lot more to lose than say a Hi-Point or an SKS for instance.