Blog reader Javi sent this in, and I thought it was too good to not post:

I went to the Tallahassee gun show today and found this (condor airsoft) rig selling for 265:

It came with that thin piece of tin as a “ballistics” armour. I wish I could say they were selling it as an airsoft product, but that wasnt the case. They also had 2 older LE vests that looked like they have been run over by a truck for 600. To top of the day, this guy happened to be standing next to me at another booth looking at glocks. He explained that he left his glock in the street on day and the garbage truck ran it over which broke the “thingy.” He insited on buying a 9mm, and other things. I had a video of another conversation he had with a vendor about getting a ccw, but the audio is crap. Needless to say he and the ridiculous “tactical hillbilly’s” walking around provide some good entertainment for the crap lousy show it was.

LOL too good.  I especially like how that guy’s Glock was ran over by a garbage truck after he left it in the street.

Anyone else have any good gun show tales?


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