This is really interesting:

That Ukrainian autobody shop is really cranking out the goods!  The stories and this history of “the war effort” (where people and different industries use their resources to help) in the United States is very heart warming.  Singer Sewing Machine company, and typewriter manufacture Remington Rand making 1911 handguns in WWI and WWII for example.  Another badass detail, was that women (even though they couldn’t even serve in military combat roles or vote during the entire period of WWI) very much stepped up to the plate and absolutely knocked it out of the park doing a wide range of jobs including ones that men would normally do, but were not doing because they were away fighting.

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It’s lit in Moscow:

1:54 – if you want to skip to the flip.

Looks like good times.  That 2nd tank sure hit the water fast;  that was awesome!

Two types or races… and individual race and a relay race.  Seeing tanks shoot at targets all day, such as other tanks and a helicopter would be great. More info on the Tank Biathlon on this Russian military website.

Tank-Album-CoverThe couple tanks I’ve been inside were very uncomfortable / bare bones looking.  When I saw that roll happen I was thinking “I sure hope they are strapped in well”.  Smashing your head against the steel tank interior wouldn’t be a good time.

Remember Tank?  That was some of that – light some candles, make your girl a nice meal, and give her a massage to show how much you appreciate her type shit.  Oh well I’ll just listen to Tank for the rest of the night by myself now, and eat cheetos to ease the pain. #ForeverAlone



FPS is back from hiatus by the look of it:

The video almost looked like tilt-shift photography at the beginning to me.  Even though FPS has not been known for sparing expenses, I thought there was a possibility I was being trolled up until 0:37 anyway haha.

FPS-RussiaHoly that tank is in pristine looking condition – Life goals.   Team Defiant guys tank track chair is badass too.

“He’s not really Russian!” , “The Sherman is a piece of shit” , “OMG Sherman <3” …. just a sample of what awaits you in the comments if you decide to click through LOL

FPS definitely brings something different to the table than any other YouTuber out there.  Thoughts?


A behind the scenes look at the tanks:

A short look at the story itself:

fury-brad-pittAny of you guys see this yet?  Definitely on my watch list.


Freddiew takes it to the streets of L.A.:

Behind the scenes:

freddiew-youtubePretty cool.  Always good to see a new video up from Freddie.

Tilt shift photography has always fascinated me.


LOL I like this Alex guy already.  I hope he picks some good stuff for them to crush:



haha awesome. That would be great if Alex wanted to shoot guns with Arnold after too.

If you missed the original post I made… Arnold Schwarzenegger raised some money for a kids charity by letting people buy tickets to win a chance to chill with him and crush things with his tank.

Thoughts?  Would you have requested a different line for him to say?