Have a good talk with your AK-47, AR-15, SKS, and shotgun… assure them it will be alright:

As you probably gathered I don’t care much for TAPCO.  I know a few guys that love various accessories that they make.  Regardless of my thoughts, I see their logo on the website says “25 Years” on it so they must be doing something right.

You can check out the boilerplate style press release over at GearScout.

Thoughts? I wonder how much they paid?  Maybe TAPCO threatened to flood the market with a whole range of ugly Remington 700 stocks if Remington didn’t write a check? ;)

I really hope they rename the company to Tappington.  It will give TAPCO the sophistication it needs… like well groomed British cartoon bear that drinks tea with honey and eats scones on the reg.


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