Tactical ninja tatiana with an tip:

nokia-glock-the-cellphone-thats-serious-about-securitySituational awareness and texting is a B for sure. ¬†Text BEFORE you leave… or you could always do as I do: Slice the pie, blade at 45 around every corner and kick all things in your path over that may be used as cover for a bad guy. Oh yea and run in a serpentine pattern everywhere.


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Lucky he’s not driving, or he would get a ticket in most states:

The picture was actually taken in Syria, while they were travelling 80MPH into the city of Aleppo to kick some ass (or get lunch and some beer with his bros when they respond to his text).

Source – CJChivers (Author of THE GUN)

First of all I thought he had his finger on the trigger… but upon closer inspection of the hi-res pictures on CJ’s site, the guy has it behind the trigger. ¬†Interesting choice of resting spots.

Other guesses on what he’s texting?

Hat tip: Steve