LOL holy this looks dangerous:

How he made the thermite launcher:

Thermite-LauncherThis is from the guy who recently brought is the firework rocket launcher.  He makes a lot of cool stuff, mythbusters style.

Gat tip: Krystian

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Richard Ryan used to run guns, but then he took an exploding arrow to the knee:

Richard-Ryan-Thermite-Explosive-ArrowI can’t take credit for that spin on the meme, Richard made the joke on Facebook last week. :P  He’s wearing the ENDO Run Guns t-shirt as you can see.

LOL those arrows are badass!  The slow motion looked mean.  RR is the 2013 Gallagher.

I don’t have time to play video games, but if you want Crysis 3 you can pick it up at Amazon for $60.  Looks like it could be promising.

ENDO Run Guns T-ShirtRichard is a pro with that bow.  Last bow I shot wasn’t a compound bow, but I need to beef up my upper body apparently because I was doing like Ma$e; Breath. Stretch. Shake.

Thoughts?  Ban high explosive capacity thermite arrows?


The freddiew way, with explosives:

Or like some other guys, with thermite: