TheYankeeMarshal speaks on it:

nutnfancy-tactically-constipatedOperator culture is so widespread now it’s hilarious.  Even instructors with no operational experience are teaching “operator” stuff by mimicking things they’ve seen in online in YouTube videos and god forbid even in movies.   I agree with TYM on most of the points in this video.  Damn though… I’ve said this in the past, but like 99% of TYM’s videos are unwatchable; click through a few and you’ll see what I mean.  I try to watch more of them when I see a title that interests me but like 30 seconds in, almost always I’m like NOPE.


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The-Yankee-MarshalWow, another YankeeMarshal video that isn’t terrible!  Looks like lightening struck the same place twice LOL.



Spolier Alert: Tactical fanny pack:

The-Yankee-MarshalI figured this was going to be another colon carry vid.

In open carry states it would be pretty funny to wear one of those Galco miami classic shoulder holsters.  I’d recommend swapping the dual mag pouch for another gun holster though. I can’t see any type of holster at the gym being comfortable. I’m not too fond of the idea of off body carry either, but keep a gun bag close you probably wouldn’t have to worry about theft… only delayed presentation if you need to get at it.

Thoughts?  Do you guys even lift?


“The Glock is a great weapon as long as you keep your eye on it, and keep your guard up”:

LOL his new slogan ideas:

  • Glock – So Simple Even Cops Can Use Them
  • Glock – Because You Have A Small Penis
  • Glock – Gamers Think We’re Cool

And more….

TheYankeeMarshal is a funny dude if you can get past the subtitles that require 100% of your attention in order to not miss jokes.

What’s your idea for a new slogan?  I’m going with “Glock – Plastic Fantastic”.

On a related note I was pretty choked (not really, but sorta :/) that Glock quit following me on Twitter.  Must have been one two many lovable comments I made at their expense that they decided to sever all twitter ties with me.  Or maybe they just get sick of my rap quotes, and quotes from The Wire.  Follow me if you have twitter @GunBlog.  It’s too bad Magnum Research doesn’t have Twitter… I was expecting them to be @Deagle but it’s just some slick Asian dude.


I’m one of those “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it” kind of guys.  My full size Glocks both suffer from pignose, but I really couldn’t care less because they work fine. Come to think of it, I should start blaming my less than impressive marksmanship on that hahaha.

I’m actually surprised that the “fix” he demonstrated in the video actually worked.  I though the Glock frame would be made from a polymer that wasn’t so affected by heat.  Sure those heat guns blow air that is “hot”, but they don’t get that hot.

Thoughts?  Does pignose actually bother any of you?  Are you going to fix it?


TheYankeeMarshal speaks on it:

I agree with most of what he says.  haha I like his shirt too!

As much as I like the funny subtitle anecdotes on his video, I like to put videos on in the background so I miss those most of the time.