Allows you to customize your BBQ / Grilling tactical loadout:

Tactical-Grilling-Apron-1Tactical-Grilling-Apron-2Not bad… not bad.  Just make sure you don’t don’t use any assault seasonings that aren’t legal in your state unless you want your dog shot.

$35 over at ThinkGeek.  It doesn’t look like the greatest quality, but probably would still be worth the money for a fun gift.


Hat tip: Alan, John


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You can pick one up from ThinkGeek for $50 (if they ever get them back in stock)

I could have sworn my dad had a Rotring pen with the same action 20 years ago.  At that time it was just considered a pen though, and not re-branded to be “tactical” in order to sell a million of them to COD and Airsoft nerds.

I wouldn’t buy 99% of the stuff on ThinkGeek because collecting random crap is not something I do.  There is that 1% of their products though, that are so clever I almost want to buy them.

Hat tip: Steven, Blair