You guys aren’t shooting like this yet?  Didn’t think so. LOG OFF because you’re really not operator enough to be using the internet and definitely not operator enough to be reading my blog this fine Friday:

Here are the deets:

Maj. Gen. Darrell K. Williams, commanding general, CASCOM and Fort Lee, fires his 9mm semi-automatic pistol during qualifications today at the installation range complex. Williams joined a handful of Soldiers who fulfilled their yearly weapons qualification at the facility.

Ya so naturally the gun and military related internet shit a brick over this picture.


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Mattv2099 risks amputation and likely even death for our entertainment:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelI was half expecting his entire thumb to rotate back 90 degrees, break off and then fly through his chest.  Just kidding… but we all know the 10mm stories.

Anyway, moral of the story is even if your slide can’t reciprocate you’ll still be able to get a shot off.


How to avoid getting M1 thumb:

I hear a lot of people talk about putting clips in their Glocks too.  I haven’t figured out how to do that yet, but I wonder if there is such thing as “Glock thumb”?


Thoughts?  Any of you guys ever had M1 thumb?

Hat tip: MaiduSun


Photoshopping in a positive attitude:






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Just wait… some law will be passed (likely in California first) where this will be a requirement unless you are willing to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check before you go to a movie theater.  Ocular pat-downs by the theater staff will no longer suffice.