According to one of the main pictures (left) on the hilarious looking website, the pocket is big enough to stash a 67 fl oz. ( 2 Litre ) bottle of coke. Hey, if it can do that, then maybe you could stash that mortar or AT4 you were looking for a place to hide!  You just gotta watch out you don’t bend up your loose cigarettes too much.  hahaha

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, New York City Police are very concerned:

Instead of the standard light pat-downs around suspects’ waistbands, the knowledge that this secret underwear exists is going to cause police to have to undertake more thorough searches of some suspects, said Capt. Vincent Patti, commanding officer of an area covering several housing projects in the Brownsville and East New York sections of Brooklyn. (Source)

At least the jean material that SmartCarry And Thunderwear are made out of is semi rigid. I couldn’t imagine having a gun bouncing around in a pair of regular underwear.

No matter what, for deep concealment i’d still prefer the gun not be anywhere near the front half of my waist.

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Bryan from ITS Tactical wore each holster for 8 months; SmartCarry wins hands down.


I don’t know who came out with their deep concealment holster first (anyone know?), but if it was SmartCarry I say good for them! Serves Thunderwear right for releasing an inferior copy of their product.  That said, they both appear to have issued patents on their products, so who knows… maybe thunderwear was the first?

I just can’t wrap my mind around having a gun that close to my junk, and having to pull it out. By “it” I meant the gun, but having to take a pee with either one of those on would be a bit awkward I would assume as well.

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