For As Low As $25.95.  More LOLz from the January “Gunfighters” issue of TIME magazine:

Recall the “45 rounds per minute” fact from the same issue I made fun of a couple weeks ago.

I probably should have picked up that issue of TIME just to laugh at it, but I really have something against supporting anti-gun movements and spending hard earned money on information I can read for free.

Time-Magazine-GunfightersThat’s that shit I don’t like.

I stand by what I said… I’m basically positive there is a pro-gun mole-troll inside TIME.



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Since it was in TIME, you know it’s a fact:


LOL that’s right… 45 rounds per minute with a semi-automatic AR-15.  People are apparently capable of pulling the trigger once every 1.33 seconds.  Impressive… OH WAIT…

When people spout scary facts about guns which are hilariously wrong, even if it makes guns look scarier, I correct them just to make them feel dumb.  If you can’t pull the trigger at least 2 time per second, you probably have arthritis or some other finger/joint issue.  So at 2 rounds per second that would be 120 rounds per minute.

The icing on the cake though is truly the silhouette of the AK-47 they used.

Bravo TIME on your accurate reporting. *slow clap*

Maybe the graphic artist knew exactly what he/she was doing though?  Recall the subtle Glock Grenade troll in TIME’s special ops edition.  Ladies and gentlemen we might have pro-gun a mole-troll inside TIME.


Hat tip: Roger


A hilarious find in TIME Special Ops sent in by observant reader Mike B.:

As you can see it clearly reads (Glock Logo) 22 Gen4 AUSTRIA .40.    LOL so awesome…   I actually have heard that Glock made grenades for a short period of time, and there are two pictures of Glock grenades in my Exploding Glock Humor post, but I’m not sure if either one is authentic.  The grenades the made obviously wouldn’t have said Glock 22 Gen4 Austria .40 on them though.

I hope this isn’t going to get a graphic artist at TIME fired… frankly I think the person needs a promotion for being so awesome.

If you don’t already own the magazine and have any doubts of the authenticity of what I posted. Check out this video at around 4:11, where you can clearly see the same writing.

If you want to buy a piece of Glock trolling history you can pick up a copy of TIME Special Ops over at Amazon for $12.

Hat tip: Mike B.


What distinguishes groups like this one from a shooting club or re-enactment society is the prospect of actual bloodshed, which many Ohio Defense Force members see as real. Their unit seal depicts a man with a musket and tricorn hat, over the motto “Today’s Minutemen.” The symbol invites a question, Who are today’s redcoats?

Read the rest of the article at from TIME magazine – HERE

Not without its bias and the usual errors …

M-16s cut down the perimeter guards. Once past the rear gate, the raiders fanned out and emptied clip after clip in a barrage of diversionary fire.


When I first heard about Google wave I was excited to see something new from Google.

I watched the first video Google put out where they branded it as a revolutionary way to communicate.  It definitely looks like it has potential to save a lot of time and increase productivity in certain situations.

A condensed version of the original video Google made highlighting the features, can be watched below:

[youtube width=”560″ height=”340″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6pgxLaDdQw[/youtube]

I misunderstood the original video I watched, so when I first got my Google wave invite a couple of days ago I was pumped to get onto some gun related waves.  Of course I didn’t realize that the whole wave system is not public, and you have to invite people to join a wave.  Boooooooooooo…

Bare minimum I thought I’d at least be able to get on some “9mm v.s. .45” or “why the desert eagle .50 (DEAGLE) is the best gun evaahhhhhh” wave debates… but no….

There I was with my shiny new Google wave window open, and no one to talk to.

When you sign up for an account they give you 8 invites, so I decided to invite my dad to join so we could try it out.

We had a small conversation using the akward interface, and both quickly lost interest.

If I was still in university doing group projects I’d definitely give it another try.  Since I am not, I likely won’t spend any more time trying to figure it out until it gets out of its beta “preview”.  Hopefully the user interface will be more intuitive by then.

This picture really sums it up:


For those of you that are not completely turned off of by my poor review and are looking for an invite, you can email me, I have a couple remaining.