Religions ‘who’? *facepalm*… off to a bad start and you haven’t even watched the video:

Creating a religion to justify your twisted views,  bold move Timothy.   How many Timothean followers do you have so far?  I’ll take a while guess… 0?

I’m not debating guns anymore. In the Timothean religion, it’s against our religion to own guns and all gun owners are excommunicated.

*Sigh* well that’s a shame LOL

What makes this video especially stupid is that anything which could be considered a gun was not even invented until after all these old religions he mentioned were already founded.

You might recognize this guy because I posted about him in the past.  He is the genius that insists The Constitution Allows Vehicular Homicide, justifying his right to kill open carriers with his vehicle.  Make sure you click the link to check out that link too if you haven’t already.

What he should concentrate on is making instructional videos about how to get your name on various watch lists.   He would be a pro at that.