TMHonFire, Cokeman, and friends:

Glock-Aidhaha those guys.  That is the most disruptive group of shooting misfits on the internet right now.  Looks like a lot of fun.

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With white socks on, just outside the kitchen like a true OG operator:

1:22 for the shot – haha ok then.

TMHonfire102-FN-57-Kitchen-HouseI like the idea of the FN Five-seven, but at $1000+ with expensive proprietary ammo it’s not even on my want list.  The close to 3000 ft/sec speeds you can get out of some of the loads is crazy cool though.

Thoughts?  Since I seemingly have to answer this question every time… I post TMHonfire’s videos occasionally because I think him and Cokeman are hilarious.  One of you commenters on here called what they do “Culture jamming”, which is pretty accurate in my opinion.


Cokeman, TMHonFire, and additional members of their motley gang of misfits:

0:24 – Cokman with the Deagle to the head miming a trigger pull while bullshittin with some pizza and Steel Reserve 40 oz’ers.  Girls on their way no doubt.

Random backyard shenanigans with the MP5 and 12 Ga ensue along with the usual voices.

3:15 – Cokeman’s beard is looking trés Jihad with the shaved head.  Stepping away from his Ashton Kutcher look a bit.  I feel you.

5:00 – I’ve never seen guys who like to waste more ammo shooting at absolutely nothing.  I mean I like the “feeling” of shooting a gun too… but I also like to see when a shot connects no matter what distance.  It appears they actually do aim at some stuff later on in the video for a bit with the rifles.  Oh well not my money paying for ammo, so as long as they are having fun.

Honestly besides the start of the video, just seemed like a bunch of buddies out having a good time and throwing some inside joke voices in the mix.  I don’t know how safe that wooded backstop is, but I’m going to give them the benefit of a doubt.

10:00 – oh shit a creepy mask and weird hoodie

10:24 – eeeeehhhh maybe spoke to soon.  Finger on the Deagle trigger waving around down low and the camera guy says “don’t shoot your feet”

Cokeman-AKS-74U-Bumpfirehaha shooting cow shit with the shotgun at the end.

12:55 – TMH definitely has some nice auto toys!

Hmmm so I don’t know.  What are your thoughts on these guys?  Yea 14 minutes is a lot to watch I get it.  I think I’m upgrading them mostly from Ambassadors Of The 2nd Amendment to just “weirdos having fun” for this one.


Rhodes scholar TMHonFire102 is the shooter:

Shooting-Cigar-AshLOL TMH and his gang take some “interesting” calculated risks with their lives.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that even though I’d expect something this risky from TMH, what I bet he did was shoot it off with an air gun.  I think this may be further evidenced by the diameter of the hole in the C shaped area left after the shot…. looks like the width of a pellet or BB.


Gat tip: MattW


Oh TMHonfire102 you crazy:

everything-could-be-a-trollNothing like tossing a few Coors back in your Jammies after a long day, then shooting suppressed at some body armor indoors.  Like really, who hasn’t done this?  Propping the body armor up with Dr. Seuss books is pretty standard too.

TMH has always given so few shits, I love it.



I thought TMHonfire102 lost his edge… he can still troll though apparently:

Troll-FaceHmmmm, yea that was disturbing.