top gear

One of the guys from top gear talks about vests:

Body-Armor-Vest-Ballistic-TestNothing really new, but the history is interesting.

I mainly just wanted to make this post to say James May finally got a haircut, so he no longer looks like an ugly woman.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Sure they deal with a lot of expensive cars and even wreck some of them.  Nothing that would cost this much though:

During a filming of the Korean Top Gear, an AH1 Cobra helicopter was being used to film a Corvette in the Arizona desert, when the pilot lost control. Amazingly, both helicopter pilots were treated at the scene and walked away unharmed.

Pretty funny.  I hope for the sake of the pilot’s self esteem and job they will find something went haywire with the avionics.  Wikipedia lists the 1994 price of the AH1 helicopter as $11.3M… OUCH!

Maybe the damage will just buff out?


Combining a couple of my favorite things: expensive foreign vehicles and shooting:

Those guys sure know how to have a good time.   Shooting from the Ferrari window was awesome and all, the Porsche was cool too, but then Jeremy Clarkson shoots the AR-15 out of the Mercedes SLS.  They were right.. gullwing doors are made for drive-bys!

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