As SayUncle does often, he was nice enough to link to one of my posts yesterday morning.  This particular post was on the ABC/FOX “grenade launcher” story.  (Hat tip goes to Josh for the original story idea)

I know in the past SayUncle has had a number of his posts linked to by Instapundit (a hugely popular news website).  I remember being in awe of the traffic he was getting.

The Packetman saw the post on SayUncle and forwarded my link to his contact at ABC.

I can only speculate the chain of events that occurred after that, which led to my post being picked up by Instapundit.  I definitely saw a huge spike in traffic.

10414 visitors yesterday.  That is about 7000 more visitors than an average day for this blog.

Hopefully some of those visitors keep coming back.

Thanks to EVERYONE that links up my articles on their blog.  And thank you to the people that comment.  It makes all this worthwhile.

I hope I am returning the favor with some traffic, giving credit where credit is due by referring to your blogs in turn when you post about something before anyone else in my feed reader.