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Phuc Long aka Firepower United so you know it’s real:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyDoes Travis cosign the gross motor skills reload?  Naturally he does, because he’s all about movement and the mind (Travis is so deep).

1:51 – LOLOL so true.  You gotta use that mag as a tool and just toss it.

Oh god.. the part about grabbing the barrel and then using your foot.  I literally CANNOT.  Travis’ skin is looking extra hydrated and nice even in the desert, such a beautiful complexion that man has.

Thoughts?  The Jim Fuller (AK Dynamics) cameo was amazing too right?

Gat tip: Brennan, Bart, Daniel

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Travis actually science’ing it with real science.

Approaching weapons manipulation fundamentals from the stand point of human biomechanics, ergonomics and mental processing, the D5 program is as much about understanding the weapon system as it is about understanding yourself and the principles that make you who you are.

Developed for beginner, intermediate and advanced shooters, Disruptive Science™ is designed to give students a template for increasing; mental acuity, focus, dexterity, balance and spatial awareness while performing skill based weapons manipulations. These same skills have direct application in your daily life and your interactions with the people around you. The D5 program will not just make you a better shooter. It will help you find performance and understanding in all aspects of your life.

Skin looking radiant and gorgeous as usual.  So thoughtful too, making the course about us.  If you told me that eventually someone was going to make a thoughtful course, I would have put my money on it being Haley.  The man is a national treasure.  I bet Travis is great at constructive criticism too.  Like you’d have no idea you actually were just total garbage at some skill compared to the rest of the guys in your class, because he’d lowkey hit you with like eight positives then slide in one suggestion, worded in such a thoughtful way and his tone would be so genuine your brain wouldn’t even be able to actually process that he was saying you sucked… all your brain would do is tell your body “do better” and voila you’re better at that thing in no time.

UsherMy remix track for this video on mute is Usher – Superstar, fits perfectly.

hahah joking I only mute crap videos with crappy music… trolled some of you successfully, temporarily though I hope.



haha Travis lost a bet, and had to go full-cowboy:

For some reason I wasn’t expecting him to be so knowledgeable with revolvers, haha seems right at home and knows a lot about them.

Travis-Haley-Cowboy8:43 – LOL That’s pretty awesome.  He’s a good sport about it, and was really damn quick as expected.

Would operate in wild West operations with.

Gat tip: Jerry


This is an awesome video / story:

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyI was working on some stuff tonight and I see an email come though from Jerry with the title “12 minutes of Travis Haley’s flawless skin”.  In the message itself, not much besides the tip to “Watch in 1080p for up-close flawless pores.”.  Hahah you guys know me too well.  I felt so cheated that the introspective Affliction art video he made was dimly lit with bad angles… but Travis delivered on this one.

I’m curious if he gets residuals off anything MAGPUL related.

Good American, good businessman, flawless skin, hardworking, seems like a great guy.  What’s not to like?

10/10 would operate with.

Gat tip: Jerry


Deep brAh… deeep:

Travis-Haley-Ed-HardyThis one is a bit too “Affliction t-shirt” for my liking, but damn that Keomaka (artist) is talented.  Priced from $20 for an 11×14″ print … all the way up to limited edition larger prints for $1500.

Ugh, what’s a Travis Haley video though where we can’t see his beautiful skin? *pause*  Almost 2 minutes of my life, and all I see is the back of his neck and hands in poor lighting.

If you missed the first piece of Travis Haley commissioned artwork check it out here.



This is pretty funny:

I get that social networking / social proof is great for business, but it has to be so irritating to teach a class where everyone is trying to record you on their phones.  Not to mention if they are fiddling with the phones and concentrating on the recording, they probably aren’t really taking in fully what you’re trying to explain.  I’m assuming a lot of these guys just have the attitude like university professors have… if you want to play poker on your laptop rather than listen to the lecture and participate by my guest, just don’t come ask me to repeat shit after class.

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyAre you going to do the penile alignment thing from now on?  Were you disappointed the camera wasn’t closer to really take in the healthy glow Travis’ beautiful skin?  I just hope he was wearing sun screen.  Gotta keep the investment safe.

Ahhhhhh at the vertical video fail.

Gat tip: No Uno