The fact that this needed to be made so that people could have an “AR-15” in some of the non free states, makes me want to cry:

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Oh and it starts at a cool $800, and comes in .223 and .300 BLK.  You can cry over it more by reading the details on the TROY website.

Whose man did this?  Who let this slide? LOL Thoughts?


This is too good.  What you’re looking at below is a Troy Industries ad featuring Kyle Lamb (Sergeant Major, Retired):


Here’s the caption from a recent Coalition To Stop Gun Violence facebook post:

More explicit marketing of military firepower to civilians, this time by Troy Industries. High-capacity ammunition magazines are indeed “battleready,” “battletested,” and “battleproven.” They were designed to rack up body counts in war.

You have to click the above link to read some comments… I’ll post a few screenshots below, but most of the ones on the facebook post are pure ignorance and pure gold.  Sometimes I swear it’s actually pro-gun people with fake accounts making these stupid comments just to make the anti-gun look even worse than they actually are.  Either way, it’s some funny shit.

Some comment highlights:





Lots of discussion and more derpy screenshots on the Shall Not Be Questioned link at the bottom.  LOL I can’t even.

I love how CSGV can’t “lock down” posts on Facebook like they can on YouTube.  The results are always hilarious when there’s back and forth between both sides.

I get it though, the CSGV’s job is to vilify absolutely anything gun related.  The only moves they have are to talk about how much harm XXXXX poses to the general public, or how regular people don’t need YYYYY.  There’s really nothing else they can say.  It’s such a weak stance that crumbles when you draw parallels to things like motor vehicles deaths, smoking, obesity, prescription drugs, alcoholism etc.. but they just plug their ears and go *BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAGH* until you go away.


Gat tip: Shall Not Be Questioned via SayUncle


Oh lawd:

haha amazing.  More info over at Troy Defense.


Is there a legal reason they didn’t make a swinging (pin-able if needed) buffertube style stock instead?  That one looks kind of like a 3 year old designed it.  Everything else looks like it could be swapped out for other AR-15 parts.

Can it be slam fired? I’m guessing not :/