Time for a new shirt:

The first shirt is selling so well I decided to continue on and introduce this 2nd shirt in the ENDO Apparel lineup.

Show your disgust with unconstitutional firearm laws in California and wear one of these bad boys around.  I believe this shirt is subtle enough to wear around anti-gunners / hippies without stirring the pot too badly.  Make sure to read my artsy hipster statement about the shirt on it’s product page.

What do you guys think?

These are screen printed on the same type and color of American Apparel 50/50 poly/cotton shirt as the last one.  I got a ton of feedback from a lot of you that bought the last shirt, and the consensus seems to be that wearing the shirt is as comfortable on your skin as wearing lotion.

I’m currently accepting orders, and will ship worldwide.  Shipping in the USA & Canada is free, but anywhere else $7 extra.

If you’re looking for a size that I don’t have, make sure to email me and i’ll try to accommodate you for the next order!

Make sure to subscribe to the ENDO Apparel mailing list for updates.  You can also stalk me on twitter @ENDOapparel , and like the ENDO Apparel Facebook page.

I really appreciate all your continued support.  Have a great weekend!


Everyday No Days Off


Introducing a new venture and the 1st product:

I had an idea to start ENDO Apparel a while back to make some fashionable gun related clothing items I thought would be popular, and put them up for sale.  Well after lots of time put in I finally got the website and a few designs done!   I have to say I am real happy with the way the site and shirts turned out, and I really hope you guys are too.

Please check out ENDO Apparel, and subscribe to the mailing list for updates.   I’ve got big plans for this brand; and if these initial shirts sell as well as I hope, I have many more designs in the pipeline.

You’ll notice that I didn’t leave the ladies out of the mix!   I really think there is a lack of fashionable firearm related clothing for women, so i’ll always be keeping that in mind when I put out a new item.

These initial shirts are screen printed on American Apparel BB401‘s & BB301‘s.  They are high quality 50/50 (poly/cotton), made in sunny Los Angeles California.  As you can see from the American Apparel links, the blank shirts retail for $20.  Getting that shirt with a cool design and a woven label on it for $25, to me isn’t bad at all.   Notice I said “screen printed”.   This isn’t any fly by night plastisol heat transfer or direct to garment printed crap!

If you’re a bigger guy/lady and I don’t have your size, just drop me an email and let me know.  If I get enough of you wanting bigger sizes than I have, I will look into getting a batch of larger shirts printed.

As I mentioned earlier, you can subscribe to the ENDO Apparel mailing list for updates.  You can also stalk me on twitter @ENDOapparel , and like the ENDO Apparel Facebook page.

I’m currently accepting orders, and will ship worldwide.  Shipping in the USA & Canada is free, but anywhere else $7 extra.

Whether you buy a shirt or not, I really appreciate all the support you guys have given me since I started this blog.

Have a great weekend,


Everyday No Days Off

Note: A few of you already have shirts.   I contacted the top 4 blog commentors from last month and sent 3 of them out free shirts.  I couldn’t get a hold on one of the guys because he used a fake email address.   I even posted a blog post, twitter post, and facebook post dedicated to tracking him down… to no avail.  Maybe OPSEC is his primary concern?  I can respect that, but if you ever want to be in the running for future giveaways on here make sure to use your a real email address when you comment.  The CIA wasn’t interested in tracing his IP address for me when I called and asked. hehe


79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books on a shirt:

Again, i’m not much of a TV nerd, so I don’t know what most of those are.  Judging by the Han Solo’s Blaster Represented Using 26 Other Guns post I did a while ago you guys will know them all!

You can buy the shirt for $25 – HERE


Go to the mall, wear this and carry an umbrella:

Make sure to say goodbye to everyone you know first. haha

Available for $16 at the NRA Store – HERE


The reason ebay gave for the removal of the auction:

Images depicting high ranking Nazi officers are not permitted to be sold on the site. Please do not relist this item.

We recognize the historical significance of World War II and that there are many militaria collectors around the world. We allow some related historical items, but ban others, particularly items with Nazi markings and items which may be considered Nazi propaganda.

Full Story – HERE

Interesting… If you search ebay for “Hitler Shirt” there are around 100 results. It appears that lots of times ebay has trouble enforcing their own rules.


Although I haven’t bought anything from threadless yet… they definitely have some nice t-shirts.

Some recently available zombie shirts:

Executed pretty well I must say.

Available HERE and HERE at threadless for $18