Valerie Serbu

Her shooting .22’s and doing pushups:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunAnd that’s that.  I still think this girl has potential, even though her and Royal Nonesuch didn’t actually end up forming like voltron to produce the firearm industry’s youngest, prettiest, troll-iest, and innovative power couple.  It’s a shame because “Richard Serbu” has a nice ring to it (Richard is Royal Nonesuch’s first name).  Looks like they are still cool though, because Royal still kicks it with her dad Mark Serbu + comments cutesy things like “Nice :-) almost to 30k”.  That aside, it’s notable that at 30k there’s already so much thirst and back patting in the comments… this is going to be a wild ride getting to 100k+.

Thoughts?  U mad I keep trying to make 50CalVal happen?  I’ll agree with you she’s no Kirsten Joy Weiss.

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Breaking news, but not really news at the same time:

Valerie-Nonesuch-Slamfire-ShotgunThis video is weird as hell.  *insert problematic emoji face here*  Dat UZI tho.

I thought the homie Yung Richie a.k.a. Royal Nonesuch had her locked down?  Maybe he never did, and it was just a hopeful figment of my imagination?  Maybe him and Valerie broke up and he’s banished from the multi million dollar Serbu machine shop and back to making guns with pipe, hand tools, a welder, and a dream?  Judging by his latest .50 BMG homebrew videos I think the latter might be correct.

Thoughts?  Some of you guys still mad at me for trying to make Valerie Serbu “happen”? Serbu is a cool company I’ve always liked, and she’s the daughter so ya I think the girl has YouTube / blog potential.  For better or worse at least she’s risen above wearing a bikini and getting drenched in water.  Predictably, at just a bit over 92,000 views, that is her most successful video so far (by a land slide).


It’s like she WANTED to make herself look bad (dangerous):

Royal-Nonesuch-Eye-PatchI’m not really sure what the point of this video is… If she really wants to break into the gun community on her own and not just on the coat tails of her dad (Mark Serbu) I’m not sure why she would come out with such a useless video where she’s basically treating the rifle like a toy, even muzzle sweeping the camera man.  That said, I’m suspicious that EVERYTHING is a viral marketing / website hit campaign nowadays.  Like they say, any publicity is good publicity.  If the homies on and various other websites (mine included) spread this around and get all charged up like “OMG GUISE LOOK AT HOW CARELESS MARK SERBU’S DAUGHTER IS BEING.  I LITERALLY CAN’T EVEN”, it will direct thousands of people to his site and he’ll probably sell some more stuff.  Would he have sold the same amount anyway?  Difficult to know… but like they say if you’re not trolling you’re not trying, and if you’re not trying they’re not buying (I just made that up actually.  No one said it until now.  #NevaBinDoneBefo)

Thoughts?  Naturally, the YouTube comments so far are all very “You Go Gurrrrl” type positive. *eye roll*


RoyalNonesuch‘s friend (girlfriend?) does a Q&A for the people:

Royal-Nonesuch-HawaiianI figured this would be A LOT more gun related… like more than ~0.00001% gun related which is what it ended up being.  I skipped through at least 2/3 of it, stopping at various points and heard words like “gossip girl”, “cycling”, and her speaking french.  My final skip point though landed at the end 11:11 where she says she wants to make videos on guns.  Well hopefully the videos will be good because we all know her dad owns Serbu firearms.  Him and Royal Nonesuch collabed on a break-action .50 BMG which looks pretty sweet.

Remember when Royal posted a cutesy pic of him and Valerie, but then deleted it?



The prophecy came true.  This guy:

Well here ya go @everydaynodaysoff ❤❤❤???

A photo posted by Rick (@royalnonesuch) on

If you’re not a hardcore ENDO reader you might not remember that I prophecized Royal Nonsuch and Valerie Serbu would fall for each other at some point during Royal’s Serbu Firearms “Business trip” to build his signature .50 BMG.  Did he end up naming the .50 “Valerie” as I also predicted?  I’d say judging by the three hearts in the Instagram post, things are pretty serious so the possibility is high.  He must have worn ENDO Apparel when they met.  Girls just can’t get resist, I’m telling you.

Royal-Nonesuch-Pipe-GunSometimes my skills scare me.  They are too powerful, it’s lucky I have morals so I only use them for good. ;)

Royal tells me he’s in the lab editing vids to put up on his Youtube channel.  They should be good.