An ash wood stake and eight silver jacketed .357 magnum cartridges:

I’m still trying to figure out what the “Triple threat” is.  I see a stake, and some .357 magnum cartridges.  Disregarding the fact the cartridges are useless without a gun to fire them, that’s still only a “Double Threat” by my count.   Anyone?

Even though they mentioned zombies (ugh) and werewolves in the copy, it was refreshing to see a promo not strictly dedicated to zombies considering that fad peaked a long time ago.

$40 for the kit over at Coonan.  Your loved one will be exploding sparkly vampires in 2013 like a boss.

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Oh lawwwwwwwd:

This one has some big names backing to it too (20th Century Fox, Tim Burton).  Looks pretty high budget, but who knows if that will make up for going full retard on the story line.  Either way, it’s bound to be better than those Osama Bin Laden Zombie movies.

It’s a shame Abraham Lincoln isn’t hunting those fairies from Twilight.  Now that would make for a good Vampire hunter movie.

Is that Johnny Cash’s voice in some of the voice overs?    It sounds like him.

Comes out June 22, 2012.


Travelers in the 19th century would purchase ‘vampire hunting kits’ in preparation for their travels to Eastern Europe. The kits would contain a wooden stake, Bible, crucifix, pistol with lead bullets, gunpowder, garlic and glass vials that held various concoctions to ward off vampires. Interestingly, these kits predated Bram Stoker’s Dracula and other written accounts of vampires, pointing to the strong oral history component of the undead bloodsucker.

More pics at the source – HERE

I’m not really up on the whole vampire thing… are they as much of a concern as zombies? A few of the items in the kit would work on zombies too by the look of it.