We’ve seen portions of the room in various vids, this time The Collector walks us around the whole thing:

I watch this guy’s vids and an constantly just like “Wow 😲”.  He has good taste.  He says in the YouTube caption it’s just 1 of 4 of his gun rooms.

He’s already at 250,000 subs!  Not surprised, but that was quick. I have a high level of confidence that this channel will stay “pure” too, which is great.. by that I mean I doubt he’s going to be shoehorning in ads for, OHlight, gold and viral iphone games because some company offered him a few thousand dollars.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Holy, this is really nice:

7:37 – All that security and he has a glassblock window?  I realize there’s that hardened steel grate over there, but doesn’t that very much compromise the total security of the room?  Couldn’t some criminal just back a truck up into that and smash it into the room?  Smash the window, hook something around the bars and pull them outside with a truck or something? I’m no expert but I think I would have just filled that window area up with concrete, and pile dirt up on the outside to make it look like nothing was there.

Maybe I’m just a bit more paranoid than the average person, but I’m really not into showing my guns (and how I store them) off on the internet to people I don’t personally know.  That said, I don’t have an active YouTube channel where I care about views.  I also don’t have as many guns, or store them in any sort of cool way… so there’s that too 🤔😭




0:38 – That gold P08.  Someone is fancy.

1:00 – Someone educate me on why finding out if that the firearm in the burned out vehicle was so important, considering it happened overseas?  Should I be assuming the overseas police have people in custody pending the results?  Don’t fingerprints get burned off… how would they tie it to a particular person?  Unless there’s registration there, they are the worst criminals ever and used their own gun (ha).  So many unanswered questions.



Hidden in plain sight

I had a DIY (Do It Yourself) post a couple of weeks ago called Hide a gun in a book where it showed how to hollow out a space in a book to hide a gun.

SayUncle Blog had a couple new links up regarding hiding guns in special picture frames (which I review in option #6).

I found a lot of new ways for creative gun hiding places which I will critique below. All the prices listed are subject to change.

1) Octagon Gun Clock – $40


Awful thick for a clock.  Also, it looks pretty plain, so depending on how nice your house is it may not work with the decor.  Clocks are generally high up on the wall, so getting the gun quickly might require getting a chair over to where the clock is.  If you really don’t want to fool anyone with your gun clock, keep it at chest height for easy gun access.

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The company 20th Century Castles, LLC has about a dozen old missile / communications bases that are scattered throughout the US for sale.

Some of them are fixed up and renovated and are currently livable, others need a lot of cleaning up.

If I had the money, I’d probably buy one of the underground communications bunkers, then build a nice new house around it at ground level.   10000 sq. ft. of underground floor space would make a heck of a vault for motorcycles, guns, and other assorted toys.

I always thought this would be a cool idea, but I didn’t know the government was actually selling any of the unused bases.