These cancel your operator card on the spot, regardless of the operations you operated in:


They say those three rings reduce “barrel-whip”, vibration and improve accuracy!  ORLY? hahah but at what cost?…. at what cost?  Yea I know physics and stuff, but explain to me why every operator on earth isn’t using these if they are actually worthwhile?

$10 over at BowJax if you’re interested.  I’m thinking of buying 5 sets and running them up my whole barrel.  That’s bound to get me like 0.0000001 MOA accuracy if my math is correct.



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Karnis figured out that he need three, to really tune his barrel. He discovered that he needed the Chocolate covered glazed, glazed old fashion and glazed blueberry. After, examining his groups, he thought the blueberry needed a little tweeking, either that or he was a little hungry.

My Hawkeye would just not respond to two or three, had to go a full load, plain cake, glazed, glazed old fashion, chocolate covered cake, chocolate glazed, cinnamon old fashion and a plain cake. Man what a difference this made!

Although, our experiment is highly scientific your results may vary. (Source)

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