VICE is on it, out in the Philippines:

Hmmm ok even the preview at the beginning looks like this is going to be a wild ride.

1:41 – 5.11 hypebeasting at it’s finest haha I wonder what model of 5.11 underwear and socks he’s running.  Maybe we’ll find out later in the video.

2:03 – haha someone shot as the instructor was passing the gun over, and the tourists got a little jumpy hehe.

2:11 – Col. Jeff Coop represent

2:35 – Damn that sign is A E S T H E T I C af.  Hand painted and naturally weathered just how I like it.

2:37 – Naturally he’s running a Serpa.

4:01 – “Free Masonry” 1911.  Interesting gun to have there.

4:45 – Are those simunition rounds or something similar?  Looks polymer.

5:33 – Oooo that battlewear.

6:38 – Glad to see that “confidence drills” transcend cultural boundaries *eye roll* haha.  Yikes… missed the first shot on a balloon that’s barely moving from like 5 ft away *cringe*…  oh man an a press check at 6:50 too!  This is incredible.

7:29 – hahah they are really working these guys now… I thought it was going to be all fun and games for a sec.

7:37 – ICE BUCKET!!! This is straight out of the Instructor Zero handbook of operations.  I’m not so sure this is the stuff guys who have never shot a gun before should be doing, but here we are.

7:45 – “I’ve got the clips” hahahah yes you do sir… yes you do.

7:50 – WOW jostle training too!  Just when I thought I’d seen it all.

11:02 – Interesting how one of the instructors there is in favor of strict gun control in China.



Vice took a look.  This is the trailer:

0:07 – LOL someone school me on what that is. A mortar bomb?

0:08 – Might have just answered my own question… is this what fires them?

0:12 – Oh HELL YA.  #ChildGoals.  If you’re kids aren’t brining you food, beverages and your AK on the reg, what’s the point having any? :P

0:14 – I like this guy’s hair.

0:21 – Yessssss.  Asks kid “Do you want to shoot it?”.  Kid gets overcome with excitement.  Responsible adult chambers one round and removes the magazine… takes it to the window where the kid pulls the trigger kicking off a round indiscriminately into the air haha.

0:32 – I didn’t notice until after.. but this kid is playing with a 1911.

0:34 – AHHHHHH my head is about to explode, finger in the barrel.

AK47-Fitness-Workout0:36 – NO NO NO.  Loaded or not, have some dignity and teach your child gun safety my man.  I can’t let it slide even though that kid is wearing a legit AF spongebob polo.

I might watch the full episode when it comes out *shrug*.  I’m sure it will have a ton more gun safety violations which will make me cringe.



This Thursday January 15th at 7pm.  Open to the public apparently:

VICE-LogoI’ll probably watch it after the fact.  I just hope the pro-gun side is represented well.  I’m sure there will be more than enough of the “high capacity assault clips and anti-helicopter automatic weapons which the founding fathers couldn’t have anticipated, are massacring American people by the millions daily” crowd.

Anyone of you guys on participating?  If they need some dank gun related memes made up, I’d be the first to lend a helping hand.


Fred Armisen and Bill Hader in this hilarious VICE mockumentary:

The episode, from IFC’s upcoming series Documentary Now!, stars Jack Black as a Shane Smith-inspired character and Fred Armisen and Bill Hader as reporters on the hunt for a Mexican drug lord.

VICE-LogoLOL there are some really funny parts in this.  You should definitely watch it if you want to see VICE getting made fun of.


VICE reports that these girls are intense:

0:05 – I need a horizontal blue striped shirt (good quality and authentic only) like these kids at the start.  Any good US source someone can vouch for where I could order one from? Man that would look killer with some of my worn in denim. OOOoooooooo hide yo’ girl.  That wide neck is lit this summer too.

AK-47-Kool-Aid1:50 – Is he available for hire as a mag loader?

6:29 – Girl: “My father (a hunter) gave me an AK-47 to shoot with”  Reporter: “Does he hunt with an AK”  Girl and friends: “LOLOL Well, he has an AK and a hunting rifle”.  <— Epic.. those girls look young too and they already know what’s up.

6:49 – A girl doing a timed mag loading, nice!



VICE on China’s Elite Female Bodyguards:

Booming business right now in China, mainly so wealthy people can lifestyle flex that they are better than others.

VICE-Logo8:46 – Handgun disarms.  Sucks they can’t carry guns., but that’s not surprising though in China.

Those girls seem pretty cool.  Good for them for not slipping into the gender-norm roles and doing their own thing instead. As long as the outcome is income, right?