video theft

First NBC stole a video of his, now the weather channel pulled a jack move:

The stolen “Coke V.S. Molten Lead” video in question you can watch here.  The weather channel “version” you can google because I’m not linking them.

HAM-John-C-ReillyThe funniest part is the the weather channel actually still exists.  If I want to know the weather I just look at Google Now on my phone, or at the very most type “weather XXXXX” and google tells me it.

My second questions is how is the molten lead and coke experiment even remotely related to weather?  Starry Night?  Like the weather being nice enough to see the stars?  Yea even that’s a stretch.  Basically what it amounts to is a site that’s running very low on 2015 and beyond relevance, needs to start ranking in google by talking about random shit.

I can’t see this ending well for the weather channel if Taofledermaus choose to get a lawyer involved.  He has emails and everything…



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