VigilantSpectre, always doing shit just to do it:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsNot something I would have done… you know, safety reasons.  I would prefer to not possibly have a chunk of the container or the lid slice me open and/or embed itself in me.

Ripping the finish off your expensive quad rail?!  A good way to make your rifle look like it’s operated in more operations than it has I suppose.



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With advance permission from his mom of course:

0:47 – hahah classic stud finder joke.  If there has ever been a stud finder manufactured that hasn’t been subjected to that joke I’d be very surprised.  They probably even do that during quality control just to make sure people’s joke punchlines don’t get ruined.

2:38 – Instructions doubling as a template… now that’s just smart.  I love when things have a dual purpose like that.

All in all I think Tactical Walls are a cool idea, and the pricing isn’t too bad at all ($110 for the big insert, $40 for the small one).


I’m my own biggest fan… I knew I blogged about Tactical Walls in the past so I just looked up the post and LOL’d at:

Their installation instructions are basically “Dick in a box, so not that big of deal if you own something that will cut through drywall.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsSpectre is wearing the ENDO Guns And Coffee t-shirt.

That mirror isn’t my style, but that “key” to unlock it is a cool idea.



MOLON LABE “come and take it”:

0:45 – “I’ve been divorced for the 2nd Amendment, and now I’m about to get cut for it” – hahah that’s dedication

2:39 – That sound alone would drive me insane

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-Ops6:36 – hahah VS and their Glock bashing

7:09 – Deagle Brand Deagle t-shirt that the tattoo artist is wearing gets a shout-out. “Sewn together with the whisker hair of dead baby seals… not Chuck Norris beard hair”

I need to sent VS a Keep Calm tank top so the ladies don’t miss out on that ink when they ask which way the gun show is.



This is what they consider a “training warm-up” complete with fake Russian accents:

The video is titled “Shotguns a way of life”… so the “way of life” is that most of you miss basically ALL the shots you take?  Cool way of life bro.  I don’t claim to be king of the clays (because I’m not)… but this is really bad.

3:30 – Nerds and Skittles loads hahahha.  Why not, after all they are warming up for some training.

VigilantSpectre-YouTube-DERP6:00 – 10 Push-ups for muzzle sweeping a buddy. hahah yea no big deal, you could have just killed your friend… just laugh it off do the push-ups.

What’s with having the guy operating the clay thrower in front of the line of fire?  The best was when the clay flew left, but luckily hunting camo guy had the quick foresight not to pull the trigger.  They violate a lot of basically safety rules, and considering they aren’t new to this, and aren’t 5 years old they really should know better.  Oh right… when you’re an operator you don’t need to abide by the same rules as the rest of us commoners.

The best shit that popped into my mind lately was “Hey I know that logo!”.  Behold:


Yea ok it’s a bit of a stretch, but there are definitely lots of similarities.

Oh man… these guys are pure gold on multiple layers. It’s like a derp onion.   Thoughts?


I’m no metallurgist / polymer expert, but I don’t see how a little cold weather would have caused this:

The description:

Glock fail again. Cause: its cold outside. Sure hope the home invasion happens in the summer.
And Yes this Glock has been to a Glocksmith, whatever the fuck that means.

First of all let me say I’m not a fan of seeing people shoot where there definitely isn’t a backstop.  What if someone ripped by there on a snowmobile?  I’d be pretty mad if I caught a stray just out for a leisurely ride.  I know Vigilant Spectre is going to come on here and say “it was private land etc… etc…”.  Still reckless if you ask me.

Secondly, maybe I’m not operator enough to handle advanced handgun manipulation, but I really don’t like to see someone palm the entire front of the slide with part of their hand hanging over the muzzle.

Third, they said the Glock has been to a “Glocksmith”.  Sure fine whatever… but those guys being the tinkerers that I know they are, I wonder if they detail stripped the crap out of it at one point and tried to do some stuff like “trigger bar polishing” etc… and otherwise mess with the factory configuration of the handgun?

Finally, I don’t understand why someone would publicly or privately “wish” for a home invasion as they have a few times in the past, and in the description of this particular video. You just know they want to try out their sweet CQB disarming moves though.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsBy far their best Glock related video is the one where they shoot past their feet while sitting in an algae and rain water filled tractor tire. haha I consider myself creative, and I couldn’t even make shit up that funny if I tried.



I gotta tell you fellas, you got what appears to be a dynamite idea *shifty eyes*:

Combining the Vigilant Spectre group with moving vehicles, ice, snow, and firearms seems to me like a deadly cocktail… but hey I just operate from cozy armchairs, so really what do I know?  After reading their disclaimer though I was really put at ease haha:

Disclaimer: THE ACTIVITIES DEPICTED IN THIS VIDEO CARRY A HIGH RISK OF SERIOUS BODILY INJURY OR DEATH. VSO does not advocate the emulation of high risk behaviors. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS AT HOME! Viewer discretion is advised.

Translation: You’re not operator enough to attempt what we do in the video.  Fall back you newbs.  Ask your mom’s permission before you even view this shit… we are THAT hardcore.

You can go back through the Vigilant Spectre archives to see my opinions on their past tomfoolery.  I stand by what I said, but since then I have exchanged a few emails with Vigilant Spectre himself, and he actually seems like a good guy… I just never plan on shooting with him or his crew.  Basically I’ll summarize it by bastardizing / modifying a Bruce Dickinson quote from the SNL “blue oyster cult” skit… Vigilant Spectre of course as THE Bruce Dickinson:

I put my rifle on; the sling over one shoulder just like the rest of you… except once my rifle is on I do stupid shit.

We can talk about “is this good for gun owners? Is this bad for gun owners?” until we’re blue in the face.  Frankly in this case it looks like they are out in the middle of nowhere shooting into a ditch, and they all made the decision as adults to be there, so I don’t really care.  I wouldn’t want to be involved with something like this in any capacity, but that’s just me. If I ever win Powerball I’m buying Vigilant Spectre a small helicopter so they can kick this up a few notches.

Vigilant-Spectre-Winter-Vehicle-OpsThe muzzle sweeping was pretty bad a few times, but they said that was ok because there was no round in the chamber (hopefully).

Does the mixing of several camouflages and fabric from several different eras drive anyone else nuts? haha