In the role of war correspondent (‘warco’) Jesse DeMarco, the player must capture battle footage and edit together a news story, while trying to make it out alive.

WARCO lets players shoot and record what they see ‘through the lens’ – framing shots, panning and zooming, grabbing powerful images of combatants and civilians caught up in war. They’ve got AK-47s and rocket-propelled grenades – you’ve got a flak jacket, a video camera, and a burning desire to get the story.

Definitely a new idea… but pretty lame if you ask me.

What’s next an FPR game? First person reloading, where I don’t shoot, but just reload spent brass. “Dude you HAVE to see the level where I tumble the brass.  It’s so sick!  I feel like I’m there.”

You can checkout the Warco site – HERE


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