These guys should make a movie called “Lose a hand, or die trying”:

Besides the cool factor of the improvised weapons, I loved the soothingly casual “Allahu Akbar” at 3:20.   Most of the time in videos 50 people scream it at once.

Hat tip: One of my favorite YouTubers HighJak86 (who may or may not be working on an improvised pipe weapon for a future video)



Very poorly done, I thought you guys would get a kick out of it:

Check out the full weapobet over at Behance.

Not only are the artistic representations of the guns terrible even from a vector graphic standpoint, but the artist (and I use that term loosely) flops back and forth between using manufacturer names and model names which is weak.

Also, wtf is a Cold Pyton?  I could go on about minor mistakes all day to do with grip angle and over all look, but another one I know you guys will point out is the M-16 is actually more like an M4… which I suppose still works for the letter M.



Some fun art:

See more over at Kyle Bean’s site – HERE

A lot of those would be cool to actually have in day to day life, especially fun entertaining kids.

Hat tip: Virtu


“Oh it’s dark over there, and I can’t see… why don’t I just aim my loaded shotgun with a flashlight mounted on it in that direction.” – Definitely the start of a good idea right there, i’ll have to remember that.

Beanbag loads or buckshot, it really doesn’t make a difference.  At that range a beanbag would kill a person just as dead.

Occupy peeps love when cops mess up, perfect opportunity for a witty chant.  I bet a bunch of them got together after that and filed a formal complaint, which no doubt will be subsequently laughed at and filed in the bin labeled “trash”.



Replaces the stock Redeemer weapon:

Death by annoyance or fire, those are your only two options with this mod.

You can download it here for the PC and PS3.


Websites for weapon building, starting with my favorite:

1) Larue Tactical Weapon Profiler

All around great looking weapon builder.  Has a wide variety of parts, but only Larue Tactical items in the categories of stuff they make (rails etc..) makes sense though.

My one criticism of this is that you have to manually line the items up, there is no “snap” feature.  The lack of this feature makes creating ridiculous looking rifles a breeze though.

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