The TIKAD from Duke Robotics:

This always seems like a good idea to me.  Why send people where you can use robots instead? There’s definitely a lot of debate about using machines to kill humans (even if they are the enemy) being moral and ethical. I’ve always really seen things in black and white, so I don’t have a problem with it. If they are a threat then they are a threat. The grey area probably happens more when it’s set to an autonomous kill mode (if that ever will exist) rather than human controlled through the screen, and can’t potentially differentiate from surrenders, kids etc..  The weaponized drone with the M4 in this looks really janky, but I’m sure it works.  Initially I was wondering why they would just strap in something like that rather than a custom built solution.. but it’s actually kind of smart and saves a whole lot of money if it actually works.  Probably would want to get a large magazine though, as 30 rounds presumably without the ability for the drone to reload isn’t going to be that great.

Oh and ☑️ Dubstep music in at least part of the video.  haha

Duke Robotics has a lot more information on their website, including a place where you can invest in their company if you’re interested.  The speculations they are making about the drone market and defense spending looks promising.


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iRobot released today new video of its Warrior robot, a beefed up version of the more well-known PackBot, demonstrating use of the APOBS, or Anti-Personnel Obstacle Breaching System, an explosive line charge towed by a rocket, with a small parachute holding back the end of the line. The APOBS, iRobot says, is designed for “deliberate breaching of anti-personnel minefields and multi-strand wire obstacles.”


More Info available – HERE

Pretty neat idea.  The 0.6 meter (2 feet) path it creates seems awfully narrow though, especially if you are using it to clear a path in a mine field. Definitely not wide enough for a vehicle to go through.

Let me know when the more affordable Roomba gets equipped with weaponry, then i’ll buy one. :P

iRobot Warrior website – HERE