weapons retardation

Gather around children, Weapons Retardation is back on my radar.  This guy is too much:

Even though I am bitter at the fact he is Richer, Smarter, and Better than me, I kept him him in my RSS feed so I knew he was still making videos… most of them didn’t look like anything I’d want to watch though.  This video though, caught my eye for two reasons:

  1. I love Glock handguns and anything to do with the company
  2. As you can see above on the video before you hit play, homie pulled a jack move on my Gaston + Wife photoshop for his video icon. Screenshot in case he changes it:

Watching the video I still just can’t believe what a character Weapons Retardation is, and how he managed to gain almost 19000 subscribers!  That’s a lot of people who like being talked down to.  If I wanted to listen to shit like this i’d start going to theater, or fire up random conversations with street people who are high off their rockers.

If this guy ever collaborated with Vigilant Spectre (Defenders Of The Derp) on anything, I would post about it then be able to die happy.