ahaha this is unreal.  Firearms left behind by the U.S. Military:

So nice that the military even left him a laser and an ACOG 😬😂.

Oh man, I almost died of laughter when I started up this second video… YOUTUBE IS LETTING HIM MONETIZE IT with pre-roll ads 💀😂.  I suppose YouTube could be placing the ads themselves and not giving him the money, but either way it’s sus.

Sheeeeeesh M9 with the *chef’s kiss* battle wear.  You love to see it:

Honestly, this guy has a pretty good start to his YouTube Career.. 6/10.  I’m giving him a 6, only because I’m salty he got all that for free.  If he gets a tripod and a camera capable of 4k, it’s honestly over for the CONUS YouTube bros.  This guy is going to have Glocks with switches, develop a theatrical persona to appeal to cool teens and rebrand to “Khyber Pass Ranch” in no time.


Gat tip: Thanks everyone else who sent it.

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