William Petty

Vehicle CQB with William Petty:

0:39 – Awww yea temple index… there it is right there man.  With a duck hat none the less!

1:52 – Damn that would be a bad day in traffic.

Looks like something different!  I see they are putting sim rounds in play too, so that probably is helpful.  Fail for not having more footage of those girls though amirite guys? :P

William-Petty-Vehicle-CQB-ShootingI had no idea who William Petty was when I started the video, and uncharacteristically (for me) after watching it I actually did care so I looked him up.  To summarize, he was in Law Enforcement and trained cops in Albuquerque NM, then he relocated to Abu Dhabi UAE to work as a counter terrorism instructor with the government there.  He’s seemingly back stateside now lighting it up on the range, mixing it up with vehicles.


Gat tip: Tim