wilson combat

My man Larry really out here getting that money:

HOLY, I almost fell off my chair when I saw the price.  Starting at $3850 for the .45, and $3690 for the 9mm.  I was familiar with Wilson Combat 1911 prices, but for some reason I figured the Glocks would be at least comparable to the SaLiEnT ArMs guccified Glock offerings.  Larry is getting $1000+ more money for his.

UPDATE – Never mind, their Glock page is here actually. Base price $1350 for the G17 and G19, which is quite a bit more reasonable than that initial ~$4000 I thought the site was saying the starting price is.

The peer pressure to buy a fancy Glock when you’re on instagram is almost unbearable. haha


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Dudes are cooking this man on the timeline:

You can check out the post comments here.   Wow in my opinion that’s huge and positioned very out in the open for such a tattoo (quite unlike the small tasteful Hi-Point silhouette tattoo I have on my left ass cheek).

Remember the ironically crooked GLOCK PERFECTION tattoo?

Thoughts?  Do you have any brand tattoos?  Would you get one if you had to pay for it and received no benefits?

Gat tip: @105problemsbutmyakaint1


LOL at the first 30 seconds being about subscribing to a physical magazine.  LOL this is 2017 last time I checked.  No thanks brah.

0:53 – Is he tough?  Or is he pooping?  Oh gasp we looked down the barrel.  So unconventional!

1:04 – Shoots so flat.  And yessss our first tactical no-look check followed by a little left-right-left-right of the gun just to finesse it.

1:12 – Cool we’re going to see some machining footage.

You can watch the rest of the video if you care about the specs.

I mean, I guess it’s nice and all if you want a $2900 1911.  Im sure plenty of Molon Labe’ers will be buying one of these for the safe; keeping an eyeglass cleaning microfiber cloth near by just in case a pesky fingerprint happens to end up on the finish.